The gloves are

Announcing an easier,
safer and more hygienic way
to put on Nitrile gloves

Protective gloves are used by people all over the world

The hygiene requirements are high in the grocery trade, restaurant and food production, as well as for staff in health and care. In recent years, the use of disposable gloves has also increased in the manufacturing industry and more sectors in the service industry are being added all the time.




Food and retail

Many people in these and other businesses need to put on and remove safety gloves several times a day. GloveMe has developed a system that makes this process more convenient and safe as well as providing superior hygiene.

This is how the GloveMe system works

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Three quick and easy steps

1. The machine prepares the glove

2. Insert the hand into the glove

3. Remove the gloved hand

GloveMe can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter

Put two dispensers next to each other or one above the other for quicker glove application.

GloveMe is a perfect fit for your business

+ saves time
+ increases glove use
+ improves hygiene
+ saves money

The global market for disposable gloves

2027 18885_million USD
2019 6858_million USD

Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2020–2027

”The demand for disposable gloves from healthcare and food industry are expected to propel the further market growth due to C19 pandemic.”

– Allied Market Research

About Us

GloveMe is a licensing and innovation company based in Nyköping. The business is located at Linköping University and at the technology company Scanfil , which develops and produces the company’s products according to the patented technology and design protection that the company owns.


Jesper Berthold

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